Beautiful Wedding Smile I

Scaling & Cleaning


De-Pigmentation of Gums

Beautiful Wedding Smile II

Laminates & Veeners

Enhancing Smiles

Smile Designing

Smile Enhance-Designing

Tooth Coloring

Alignment and Spacing:

Missing Teeth

Fuller Lips, Smile and Cheeks

Child Care Plans

00-05 Years of Age: Prevention of Child Cavities

06-12 Years of Age: Maintenance of Milk Teeth

13-16 Years of Age: Fix Orthodontics

Elderly Care Plans

Get rid of poor dentures

Improves the fit of your old dentures

Implant support dentures

Cosmetic Fillings

Composite tooth color filling

Get rid of silver fillings

Invisible fillings (Camouflage filling - A Kind of invisible filling)