Perfect Prosthodontics

This Course consists of 3 Modules of 1 Week Each.

MODULE 1 : 1st Week

A. Complete Denture

B. Partial Dentures

B.1. Flexible

B.2. Cast Partial

MODULE 2 : 2nd Week

A. Fixed Partial Denture

B. Laminates or Veneer's

MODULE 3 : 3rd Week

A. Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Express Endodontics

This Course consists of 2 Modules of 1 Week Each with Maximum of 4 Participants.

MODULE 1 : 1st Week

A. 14 Hours of Lectures

B. Hand's on experience on extracted teeth.

MODULE 2 : 2nd Week

A. Maxillary Molar

B. Mandibular Molar

C. Incisor (ANY)

*Note: 3 Patients per student


This Course consists of 1 Modules of 1 Week.


A. Lectures of 10 Hours.

B. Flap surgery (on patient's assisting) with or without G.B.R

C. Applications of periodontics in implants.