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Advanced Technology

We at Family Dental Clinik keeps abreast of new developments in dental technology to ensure we are able to provide quality dental care to our patients. We are pleased to offer our patients digital x-rays as well as an intra oral camera as part of our commitment to provide comprehensive dental care.

Intra Oral Camera

An Intra oral camera is a high-resolution tiny camera that fits comfortably into a patients mouth and is able to project accurate enlarged images of your smile onto a screen where you and our team can view them together.


Quality Service

Dental hygiene is an integral part of quality dental care. Over the years it has become an independent specialization studied at medical schools and dental hygienist have become indispensable part of dental teams. Family Dental Clinik protects you from any transmission of diseases through using disposable equipment such as suction tips and injection needles, and other equipment used during treatment is thoroughly washed and sterilised in pressurized autoclave machines at 134 deg C. Our autoclave (sterilization) machine exceeds the minimum requirements imposed by MOH. The clinic is also cleaned daily with chemical disinfectants